One of 3T’s main objectives is reducing the impact of logistics on the environment. When it comes to sustainable sourcing and the supply of raw materials and products, 3T sees itself as being part of the solution.

In the last 10 years we have helped businesses we work with to reduce their carbon emissions by hundreds of tonnes. 3T has achieved this by increasing resource efficiency through automation and optimisation of logistics processes. This in turn has reduced empty running and eliminated unnecessary journeys.

Caring for our environment

Electric Car Charging

Sustainable Community

Our cycle to work scheme, park & ride facility and ‘all electric’ car policy are initiatives designed to ensure that we play our part in delivering sustainable business solutions.

Leicester Map

Technological Efficiency

Our solutions are designed to reduce, empty running, CO2 emissions and increase resource efficiency.

Sky Divers CSR


We ensure that our customers have access to our extensive carrier network and platform which drive synergistic outcomes and reduce environmental impact.

Playing our part

We believe that looking after the environment is a shared responsibility, and we are passionate about playing our part and contributing to a sustainable way of doing business.

Playing our part

Over the years, we have significantly reduced the amount of paper and plastic we use. Additionally, we also recycle everything that can be recycled within 3T.

Playing our part

We are mindful of our carbon footprint and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the number of journeys we need to make, and making the journeys we need to, highly efficient.

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